Medication Reminders

ComForcare nurse reviewing medication with clients at home

Seniors take more medications than other age group and benefit the most from them. Unfortunately, older adults also have the highest risk for not taking medication properly.

There are several reasons for this, including:

  • They are unable to read the dosing instructions.
  • They misunderstand or can’t hear physicians' and pharmacists' instructions.
  • They don’t understand that they are supposed to take medications or they forget to do so.
  • They have difficulty opening drug packaging.
  • They have trouble swallowing.
  • They can’t get to their medication or pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy.
  • They have chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or osteoporosis with no symptoms—without cues, they can lose the motivation or forget to take medication.
  • They become overwhelmed trying to manage the timing and dosage of multiple medications.

Adhering to a medication regimen is a key part of preventing hospital readmissions, and ComForcare’s in-home services can ensure that your loved one’s medication schedule is accurately followed. Our senior caregivers are trained to work with client-specific medication profiles to ensure that your family member’s medication is taken on time and in accordance with doctor’s orders.

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